I want to overcome the thousands of nights
and tell it to you, there's something
that I must tell you.

"I want to be loved, but you don't seem to love me." I wander within that repitition.
I found one answer: even if I'm scared, I can say 'I love you' to the one I love.
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i think its not really funny but i chuckle sometimes because i’ve never been a naturally insecure person, at least with myself. my family members, old nannies, and old teachers tell me that when i was a kid i was always myself, and i never thought anything was wrong with me. i mean i said whatever i wanted to say, it was never anything malicious just weird stuff

and once i got to middle school it was like everything about myself was wrong. the things i liked were weird, and i actually let these people convince me of that. 

oprah winfrey said once on one of her shows “you are who you are when you’re six” i mean she quoted someone else but i definitely believe that. when i was six i never thought anything was wrong with me, and for years after middle school i thought something was wrong with me but towards the end of high school i got back in touch with how i truly am and i think that’s one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever experienced. 

i love how i am, i love the person i’ve become and essentially always been deep down. im not a mean spirited person, i want what’s best for everyone but i don’t usually voice that but i want people to be happy, and i definitely don’t like when people tell others that being themselves is wrong. idk i guess the household i grew up in never really experienced a “that’s wrong” kind of attitude. 

i have two gay uncles and a trans* aunt and i never thought it was wrong. nobody ever told me it was wrong, why? because it wasn’t. that’s one of my pet peeves now when people tell you that being yourself is wrong i cannot stress how infuriating it is. 

and i always chew my friends out for belittling someone for being themselves. if that girl wants to shave her head, let her. you have no say in what she does. its actually quite arrogant to think your opinion on someone is so important that it should be voiced to whoever’s around or to the person its about. 

im rambling this was supposed to be two sentences but whatever. i just want people to be treated fairly and with respect. i and billions of other people have been disrespected for being ourselves, its sick. you can’t just treat someone like they’re any less than you.

and its so crazy because i know tons of people who act so differently in school than they do at home. for example, this girl brittany jewett was horrible to me all throughout middle school and some of high school and one day we had a project and she leaved down the block from me so we went to her house and she was the sweetest thing. and i thought it was so odd like why don’t you show this side of you at school (i didn’t ask her that but i thought that, but maybe i should have asked)

i honestly think she was just scared to be herself like i used to be but hopefully she fixes that. also with my old roommate, she loved to have sex, and i kept having to tell her that its ok to like having sex but whenever other people were around she would call the other girls on our floor sluts. i kept having to assure her that nothing was wrong with having sex. 

but we’re taught that doing certain things is unacceptable. and like i mentioned earlier, i let these people tell me that how i was was weird. and even when they said that i didn’t fully believe there was anything wrong, but in public, in society, it was weird and not ok. 

now im completely myself and i just tapped into my inner six year old and back to how i was and i love it. i don’t think there’s anything wrong with me and my interests and what i like. 

even now im nineteen and my 21 year old suitemates still make fun of me for my interests (when plenty could be said about theirs) but i don’t say anything offensive to them but i do stand up for myself. i feel bad that they feel like waht they’re saying is ok i mean nothing they say makes me question who i am as a person but just why do they feel like they need to do that?? idk. they’re too old for that.

whATEVER. point is, don’t ever let anybody tell you something is wrong for doing what you want and liking certain things. as long as they don’t hurt other people (which these interests rarely do hurt people, its mostly bullying), i say go for it anyone who tries to defy you tell them to go fuck themselves

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Dark Wave by Kelly Headrick on 500px
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nike / h&m / uniqlo / bape / uc / milk tea
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© JulieMathevet - Hublot #2012
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IMG_0645 by kenix3 on Flickr.
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Yeongdeungpo Market Night District Area, Seoul, South Korea